SpaPure Bromine Starter Kit

SpaPure Bromine Starter Kit

by SpaPure

SKU: C003467-CS6X1K

SpaPure Bromine Starter Kit


The SpaPure Bromine Complete Spa Care Kit was designed to have all of the necessary chemicals your hot tub needs, all in one convenient place. This kit has the important chemicals your spa would need to start maintaining a proper water chemistry, with crystal clear water. Use this kit to simplify your spa needs.

Fancy Features
  • Includes 8 SpaPure products
  • Determine and maintain the proper free bromine residual

What’s in the box

  • SpaPure Spa Oxidizing Shock (20 oz)
  • SpaPure pH Up (16 oz)
  • SpaPure pH Down (24 oz)
  • SpaPure Clarifier (16 oz)
  • SpaPure Stain and Scale Preventer (16 oz)
  • SpaPure Defoamer (16 oz)
  • SpaPure Sodium Bromide (2 oz)
  • SpaPure Brominating Tabs (0.75 lb)

Directions for Use 

*See details of instructions on each individual product and Spa Care Guide*