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ScumRay Twin Pack

ScumRay Twin Pack


ScumRay Twin Pack

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By ScumRay

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ScumRay Twin Pack


ScumRay’s unique absorbing fibers attract body oils. These fibers are woven into a 3D honeycomb micromesh, dramatically increasing the surface area available to trap hot tub scum.

ScumRay’s clever design allows it to both float and sink, maximizing the surface area in contact with your water.

  • ScumRay’s submerged tail allows water to wash over its wings, quickly trapping scum.
  • ScumRay’s belly fibers trap body oils that go through your hot tub pump, as these oils rise to the surface.

How to Use 

Before, make sure your filters are clean and hot tub chemistry levels are optimal. 

After every dip in your tub, take ScumRay by the tail and
gently sweep it back and forth across the water. Sweeping helps absorb floating oils


ScumRay is machine washable
• Wash it regularly, depending on how often you use your hot tub
Do not use bleach
• Air dry only
• The twin pack lets you have one in the tub and one in the wash



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