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Pool Marvel Water Treatment & Conditioner - 40 oz

Pool Marvel Water Treatment & Conditioner - 40 oz


Pool Marvel Water Treatment & Conditioner - 40 oz

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Spa Marvel Pool Water Treatment & Conditioner

Pool Marvel


Pool Marvel is an all-natural enzyme-based pool water conditioner and treatment formulation designed specifically for use in swimming pools. This product is formulated to help prevent the growth of algae and to reduce sanitizer demand by consuming visible and invisible organic matter in the pool. The unique enzymes in Pool Marvel break down oils, fats, detergents, dirt, pollen, and all other sorts of organic material.

What’s in the box

  • 1 x Pool Marvel Water Treatment & Conditioner - 40 oz 

Directions For Use

  1. One capful (3.3oz) treats up to 20,000 US gallons of pool water per week.
  2. Mix the required amount in a bucket of pool water and disperse the mixture evenly in the pool.
  3. Monitor the filter pressure 2 hours after application of Pool Marvel.
  4. Repeat the application once per week during pool season.
  5. Double the dosage amount when closing and opening the pool for the season.
  6. Do NOT mix directly with other chemicals.
  7. Apply when the water temperature is between 54-86 degrees Fahrenheit.
  8. Use sanitizer as required.


Pool Marvel®

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