Leisure Concepts Safe-T-Rail

Leisure Concepts Safe-T-Rail

by Leisure Concepts


Leisure Concepts Safe-T-Rail


Get a grip on one of the best spa accessories available. The combination of water and slippery surfaces makes every spa a potential hazard. That's why we invented Safe-T-Rail. We believe this product has more upside sales potential than any other product we offer. Don't let a single customer-young or old-leave your showroom without considering a Safe-T-Rail for their spa.

What's in the box

  • 1 x Safe-T-Rail
  • Install Manual and Warranty

Technical Features

  • Requires just 18 inches of clearance behind the spa and 5 inches on each side
  • Powder-coated, aluminum tubing with easy-to-install, non-corrosive mounting brackets
  • Understyle system uses two aluminum brackets and 7-inch base plates that simply slide under the spa
  • Comes standard with a TowelMate accessory for hanging up to three towels right where they are needed most
  • Works on spas up to 8 feet in length or width and 40 inches in height

Recommend For

  • Getting into your hot tub


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