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GLB Filter Cleanse - 2 lb.

GLB Filter Cleanse - 2 lb.


GLB Filter Cleanse - 2 lb.

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GLB Filter Cleanse - 2 lb.


GLB Filter Cleanse is a multi-purpose granular formulation that cleans and unclogs filters from grease, oils, and scale. This product works great on all types of swimming pool filters (sand, cartridge, or D.E. filters). Filter Cleanse is a unique combination of acids and detergents which allows you to remove all filter contaminants with one product. It is compatible with chlorine, bromine, mineral purification systems, saltwater pools, ozone, and biguanide sanitizers.

Whatโ€™s in the Box

  • 1 x GLB Filter Cleanse - 2 lb.


How to Make Filter Cleanse Solution:

  1. Use a large plastic pail and dissolve 1 lb. in 5 gallons of lukewarm water, stirring with a wooden stick until the solution turns dark red and is totally dissolved.
  2. Determine the capacity of the filter tank by the manufacturer's label and make enough solution to cover the elements or the sand.

Cartridge and D.E. Filters:

  1. Stop filtration and drain all water from the filter.
  2. Remove elements and soak* overnight with sufficient solution to cover.
  3. Remove filter elements from solution; drain and rinse thoroughly with warm water until clear and replace in the filter.
  4. Start pump and fill the filter with clear water.

Sand Filters:

  1. Backwash water. Drain water from the filter and close the drain valve.
  2. Open filter top and pour premixed Filter Cleanse solution until the top of the sand is covered. (If top of filter is not removable, follow directions below.) Let stand overnight (12 hours).
  3. Backwash until the water coming from backwash line is clear. Do not allow solution to get into pool.
  4. If top of filter cannot be removed, backwash filter then shut off-pump and remove hair and lint pot cover.
  5. Drain filter. Turn on pump, making certain that handle is in backwash position and slowly pour solution into hair and lint pot with pump running. Do not allow the pump to run dry. Continue running until sand is covered. Shut off the pump at once, leave in the backwash position, and allow it to stand overnight (12 hours).
  6. Backwash until water coming from backwash line is clear. Do not allow the solution to get into the pool. Start the pump and fill the filter with clear water.

Do NOT use galvanized aluminum or porcelain container for soaking.



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