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FROG BAM! 90-Day Algae Protection

FROG BAM! 90-Day Algae Protection


FROG BAM! 90-Day Algae Protection

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FROG BAM! 90-Day Algae Protection


Frog Bam, when used with the complete  Pool Frog System protects a swimming pool against even the toughest algae. Just one initial dose will prevent algae for a full 90 days. It's one of a kind formula works, so well, using once every 3 months ensures no messy algae clean-ups and no weekly additives. It's easy. It's effective. It's powerful! FROG BAM -from the makes of FROG- the water treatment experts. 

Keeps algae away for 90 days - guaranteed! Easy to use as it uniquely dispenses through the Pool FROG Systems. No staining if water is balanced. One bottle treats 15,000 gallons.

What's in the Box

  • 1 x FROG BAM! 90-Day Algae Protection


  • Elemental Copper as Triethanolamine Complex: 3.03%
  • Other Ingredients: 96.97%


Do not use with any other copper based products.

  1. Maintain pH of pool water between 7.2-7.8. Adjust the pH to 7.2 for severe algae.
  2. Ensure the filtration system is working properly and the filtration cycle is adequate.
  3. A regular brushing program will assist in the removal of stubborn algae.
  4. While Frog Bam controls algae, it is important that adequate levels of sanitizer (chlorine) be maintained to control bacterial growth.
  5. Do not superchlorinate 48 hours before or after using this product.
  6. Avoid adding other chemicals until this product has been circulated (filtered) for at least 24 hours.


  1. Turn circulation pump off, turn dial to Pac Removal or Setting 0 depending on model, and remove cap from Cycler.
  2. Remove cap from Frog Bam without removing the seal and insert container upside down into the center of the Pool Frog Mineral Reservoir pushing down firmly to puncture seal.
  3. Replace the cap on the cycler.
  4. Turn control dial on the cycler to maximum or setting 10 depending on the model and turn pump on for 90 minutes allowing Frog Bam to circulate through the pool.


  1. Turn pump off, turn dial to Pac Removal or Setting 0 and remove cycler cap.
  2. Lift the Frog Bam container up and allow any water in the container to drain through the cycler before discarding. Note: After discarding Frog Bam, if water shows more than a hint of blue inside Cycler, replace the Cycler cap, turn dial to Maximum or Setting 10 and run the pump for one minute.
  3. Repeat placement and removal instructions if additional Frog Bam is required.
  4. Then insert a Pool Frog Chlorine Bac Pac following the directions on its label.



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