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BioGuard Soft Swim B - 64 Oz

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BioGuard® Soft Swim B: Pool Sanitizer


BioGuard SoftSwim B is the sanitizer that contains biguanide and is step 2 in the Soft Swim program. This step kills and controls harmful bacteria and is gentle on eyes, hair, and skin. SoftSwim B is UV-shielded and is resistant to evaporating in the sun. 

What's In The Box 

1 x BioGuard® Soft Swim B: Sanitizer - 64 oz


Start Up

1/2 gallon per 10,000 gallons of water to get a content of 50 ppm. 

Routine Maintenance

1 pt per 10,000 gallons of water to raise level by 10 ppm. 

Directions for Use 

  1. If the pool water contains algae or is hazy, consult the "The Pool Care Guide for SoftSwim." available at your BioGuard Authorized Dealer.
  2. Backwash or clean pool filter. Check pool pH.; adjust to 7.2-7.8 if necessary.
  3. Add SoftSwim B to give a content of 50 ppm (1/2 gallon product/10,000 gallons of pool water).
  4. After 24 hours, check pH and SoftSwim B concentration with a test kit and adjust if necessary.

Routine Maintenance 

  1. Every week, check SoftSwim B concentrated and pH.
  2. Maintain SoftSwim B concentrated at about 50 ppm. If concentration falls 10 ppm or more, add a top-up dose.



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