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BioGuard Kleen It Filter Cleaner - 1 Qt.

BioGuard Kleen It Filter Cleaner - 1 Qt.


BioGuard Kleen It Filter Cleaner - 1 Qt.

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BioGuard® Kleen It Filter Cleaner - 1 Qt.


BioGuard Kleen It Filter Cleaner is designed to remove scale/clarifier deposits, dirt, and debris from the pool's filter. This product is comprised of a dual-action formula that can prolong the life of your filter. It helps prevent scale build-up and rust. The experts recommend that this product should be used at least once per season to keep the filter clean. Kleen It, has been proven to not damage the filter equipment and to be safe for all filter types.

What's in the Box

  • 1 x BioGuard® Kleen It Filter Cleaner - 1 Qt.


  • Removes metals, dirt, and scale from filter.
  • Keeps filter working at optimum performance.
  • Cleans sand, D.E., and Cartridge filters.
  • Soak or spray application.
  • Fresh citrus scent.


Sand Filter & Some D.E. Filters:

  • Clean the pool filter as follows: Backwash the filter thoroughly. Turn the pump off. Chlorine must be removed from the skimmer basket prior to the addition of this product. Automatic feeder should be turned off prior to any addition of this product. Pour the entire bottle of this product into the skimmer. Turn the pump on until the pump primes and the product moves into the filter. Leave filter selector in backwash position or in closed position. Wait one hour. Turn pump on with selector in backwash position, until backwash water is clear.



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