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BioGuard Balance Pak 100

BioGuard Balance Pak 100


BioGuard Balance Pak 100

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BioGuard Balance Pak 100


BioGuard Balance Pak 100 is used to raise total alkalinity. Maintaining proper total alkalinity prevents pH from bouncing due to rain, bather load, and other chemical applications. Low alkalinity may also cause pool water to be corrosive to the metal and plastic with which it comes in contact. This product is proven to help prevent pool staining, plaster etching, or liner wrinkling. The contents of Balance Pak 100 dissolve quickly when added directly to water.

What's in the Box 

  • 1 x BioGuard Balance Pak 100


  • For raising total alkalinity.
  • Prevents pH change.
  • Improves swimmer comfort.
  • Prevents corrosion due to improper pH.
  • Protects vinyl liners from wrinkling due to improper pH.


  • Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate: 100%


  1. Add directly to the pool with the pump and filter running.
  2. 1.5 lb. per 10,000 gallons of water will raise total alkalinity 10 ppm.



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