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Prioritizing hot tub health is not only crucial for preserving the longevity of the equipment but also for safeguarding the health of individuals, as it helps maintain proper water chemistry, cleanliness, and hygiene, creating a relaxing and rejuvenating environment. To keep your hot tub in good condition, it's important to maintain proper water chemistry. Here is a list of recurring chemicals commonly used to keep hot tubs clean and balanced 👇



1. Chlorine or Bromine: These sanitizers are crucial for killing bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms in the water. They help maintain safe and clean conditions for hot tub use. Use this weekly.
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2. pH Increaser (Sodium Carbonate): This chemical is used to raise the pH level of the water when it becomes too acidic. Maintaining the proper pH range (7.2-7.8) helps maximize sanitizer effectiveness and prevents corrosion. Use either this or pH Decreaser weekly.*
*Use either pH Increaser or Decreaser (reducer) depending upon the result of your weekly test strip*
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3. pH Decreaser (Sodium Bisulfate): When the pH level is too high, this chemical is added to lower it to the appropriate range. Balanced pH levels prevent scaling, cloudy water, and skin irritation. Use this or pH Increaser weekly.*
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4. Alkalinity Increaser (Sodium Bicarbonate): Hot tub water alkalinity acts as a buffer, stabilizing the pH level. This chemical is used to raise the total alkalinity when it falls below the recommended range (80-120 ppm). Use as needed.
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5. Calcium Hardness Increaser (Calcium Chloride): Hot tubs require a certain level of calcium hardness (150-250 ppm) to prevent water from becoming corrosive. If the level is too low, this chemical is added to raise it. Use as needed.
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6. Stain and Scale Preventer: These chemicals help prevent the buildup of stains, scale, and mineral deposits on the hot tub surface and equipment. They are especially useful if you have hard water. Use as needed.
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7. Water Clarifier: Clarifiers coagulate fine particles in the water, making it easier for the filtration system to remove them. They help maintain clear and sparkling water. Use as needed.
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8. Filter Cleaner: Regular cleaning of the hot tub filter is essential for optimal water circulation and filtration. Filter cleaner chemicals remove oils, debris, and contaminants that accumulate on the filter media. Use as needed.
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9. Defender: Hot Tub Defender contains sequestering agents that bind to the minerals, effectively keeping them in suspension and preventing them from depositing. This helps to maintain the proper functioning of the hot tub and extends the lifespan of its components. Use this weekly.
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10. Enzyme Treatment: Enzyme-based products break down organic matter, such as body oils, lotions, and other residues. They enhance water clarity and reduce the formation of scum lines. Use as needed.
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**Please note that the list provided is not an exhaustive collection of all the common hot tub products that might be necessary. It is merely a compilation of popular hot tub products commonly used by many hot tub owners.**



Remember to follow the manufacturer's instructions and maintain regular testing of your hot tub water to ensure proper chemical dosing and water balance. Additionally, consult with a professional or refer to your hot tub's specific guidelines for any unique requirements or recommendations.


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