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Meeco Gasketing Cement & Stove Sealer

Meeco Gasketing Cement & Stove Sealer


Meeco Gasketing Cement & Stove Sealer

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By Meeco

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Meeco Gasketing Cement & Stove Sealer


Meeco Gasketing Cement & Stove Sealer is a black liquid that is extremely watery to allow full soaking of cement into gasket fibers. Cures best at room temp. 5/8-1-1/4 gaskets require more cure time as it is very watery; too little water and the gasket wont stay, too much and the gasket will be to firm and the fire door wont close. Can also be used to seal and repair cracks in stoves and stovepipe.

    What’s in the Box

    • 1 x Meeco Gasketing Cement & Stove Sealer


    • Adheres all types of gasketing to boilers, wood, corn, pellet, coal and gas stoves.
    • Withstands temperatures up to 2000 F°. 
    • Paintable once cured, let cure for 24 hours.
    • Once cured this product can not be removed from many surfaces including glass, tile and porcelain.


    1. Clean stove door before replacing gasket, removing the door completely may work best. 
    2. Work tube between fingers in kneading fashion.
    3. Apply to channel, place gasket into channel.
    4. For best results cure for 24 hours.
    5. Clean up spills or excess cement immediately with water to remove all traces. 



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