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FreshWater Spa Care Kit

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FreshWater Spa Care Kit


The FreshWater Spa Care Kit is recommended for starting up your spa using the ozone sanitizing method. It provides all the necessary water care products to operate your hot tub. 

What’s in the box

  • 1 x FreshWater Concentrated Chlorinating Granular 
  • 1 x FreshWater MPS Chlorine-Free Oxidizer 
  • 1 x FreshWater Stain & Scale Defense
  • 1 x FreshWater pH/Alkalinity Down
  • 1 x FreshWater pH/Alkalinity Up
  • 1 x FreshWater 5-Way Test Strips

Recommend For

  • Compatible with chlorine, ozone, and biguanide sanitizers


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