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Bullfrog @ease SmartChlor Start Up Kit | 10-01052
Bullfrog @ease SmartChlor Start Up Kit | 10-01052
Bullfrog @ease SmartChlor Start Up Kit | 10-01052-1
Bullfrog @ease SmartChlor Start Up Kit | 10-01052-2

Bullfrog @ease SmartChlor Start Up Kit | 10-01052


Bullfrog @ease SmartChlor Start Up Kit | 10-01052


The @ease sanitizing system was designed specifically for the Bullfrog family of spas. Compatible with A / R & X Series of Bullfrog Spas. Manufactured 2017 to Present. This is a @ease SmartChlor start up kit. 

The all-new @ease system utilizes SmartChlor technology to provide a self-regulating water care system. Enjoy water that is clearer, cleaner, softer, and much easier to maintain than traditional di-chlor or bromine systems. In addition, the @ease system for Bullfrog Spas is much easier on your spa equipment. This new technology uses up to 75% less chlorine, maintains chlorine at lower levels, and reduces the frequency of water maintenance when compared with traditional methods.

What’s in the box

  • 1 x @ease Mineral Cartridge 
  • 1 x @ease SmartChlor Cartridge
  • 1 x @ease Jump Start 
  • 1 x @ease Test Strips  

Directions for Use


  1. Balance Water.
  2. Ideal Range for pH level: 7.2 - 7.8.
  3. Ideal Range for Alkalinity: 80 - 120 ppm.
  4. Add Frog Jump Start start-up shock.
  5. Establish a free chlorine residual: 0.5 - 1.0.

Setting Output Level

  1. Setting 1: 200 - 299 gallons.
  2. Setting 2: 300 - 399 gallons.
  3. Setting 3: 300 - 499 gallons.
  4. Setting 4: 500 - 600 gallons.

Using Frog System

Remove filter snap cap and weir door/filter plate. Remove cartridge carrier from hot tub by pulling up on the handle. Snap cartridge into one opening of the carrier. With the @ease logo facing the carrier, put the dial end of the cartridge into the carrier first by connecting the tab on the carrier with the indent in the cartridge. Then push the top part of the cartridge in until it snaps into place. For best results insert the Frog @ease Mineral Cartridge into the other opening. 

Recommend For

  • Compatible with chlorine, bromine, ozone and biguanide sanitizers.


    1,3-dicholoro-5, 5-Dimethylhydantoin: 81.1%, 1,3-dichloro-5-ethyl-5-methylydantoin: 16.1%, Other Ingredients: 2.8%.


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