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BioGuard Chlorinating Liquid Shock - 1 Gallon

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BioGuard® Chlorinating Liquid Shock - 1 Gallon


BioGuard Power Chlorinating Liquid is a pool shock in a quick-dissolving liquid form. It won’t cloud your pool, and it’s calcium free. It’s safe for all pool types and filter types. In a one-gallon container.

What's in the box?

1 x BioGuard® Chlorinating Liquid Shock - 1 Gallon


Sodium Hypochlorite: 10%, Other Ingredients: 90%

Technical Features 

  • Patented, easy-to-use, multi-functional liquid shock kills algae and bacteria
  • Fast acting
  • Salt system compatible
  • Calcium-free
  • Can be used as supplement to the 3-Step BioGuard Care System



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